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We are honored to have more work from Marc! His portrait work is exceptional!

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Another new face in Holgaville today..Please read what he has to say about shooting with the Holga!
“I have been using Holgas for about two years now. What I like about the Holga is it’s simplicity and the fact the Holga forces me to concentrate on what’s truly important – the subject – without worrying about which setting to use or what the histogram looks like. The holga is easy to carry, I can take it anywhere and it’s simple mechanics mean that I can rely on it every time.

I photograph what I love which is mainly landscapes and travel. I have always admired the landscape artists of the nineteenth century who were interested in the interaction of light and form. For them individual details were less important than capturing the way light fell on a landscape and for me the holga has that same spirit; the way the focus falls off towards the edges of the frame is the closest I have come to replicating the atmosphere of some of those old paintings.

I now shoot almost entirely with Holgas and to a lesser extent other toy cameras (vintage Dianas, Lomo LCA, Vivitar UWS etc). My poor DSLR is gathering dust in my study – and will be for some considerable time to come I feel!”

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Andrea Ingram is Here!

Imagine my delight when I received the above image from Andrea Ingram..She has been a favorite of mine since first “meeting” her over at Filmwasters…her work is top notch..Please click on her links to the right and check out her blog sites..Truly talented photographer!
Thank you again Andrea.!

a few words from Andrea…..

“I was given a Holga. It belonged to friend who moved on from this life and his wife passed it on to me.
It’s a dreary damp day, the mist is hanging low and the midges are biting hard. Hard and painfully. Painful hard as it happens. I take a peek outside and retreat back inside to root around for the midge-hood. “Darn, I’ll be looking like a tourist with this thing on” I’m thinking to myself as I wander self-consciously along the village looking like a weirdly contorted almost human being. In my hand is a lump of plastic, from China it came in a form vaguely like a camera. I love this lump of plastic, now wrapped in sticky tape to keep excess light out. And that’s why I’ve ventured out on the dreary midge-ridden day.
I press a little button to let some light in through the lens-like hole. And I hope the magic will happen. Because somehow, just sometimes, when I put the film from the camera through chemicals, a wonderful image appears. Just sometimes. And that’s what I like; sometimes some magic happens and an image speaks to me.”

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Jack has titled this image “Hawaii in Progress”..perfect title I am thinking! Read what he has to say……

“i have been using plastic lens cameras on and off for about 15 years. over the last two years i have been working on my lo-fi photography surfing series. I use an array of cameras including holga vintage diana and brownie hawkeyes.

These images intend to capture the underlying feelings i experience as i go about my day to day business of searching for surf. Some times the images capture the banal and ordinary aspects of the pursuit and other times the images capture the dynamic emotional experience associated with surfing. For me surfing and photography aim to capture a similar state of mind. One which is intensely connected to the moment that is occurring without room for thought, ego or the experience of the “self”. Getting lost in the dynamic experience of the here and now is the ultimate expression of both artistic pursuits. My blog as you know is my outlet to share my experiences http://www.saltstainedeyes.blogspot.com. here a couple more recent ones”

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Leon has titled this image simply “Nets”…the beauty of his work says it all..Thank you again Leon, for contributing..

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