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I am delighted to have Gary share his work here at Holgaville! Gary was one of those who originally inspired me with his Holga work… read what he has to say!…
“I have been shooting with the Holga for about 10 years now. I currently have a collection of over 100 cameras to choose from. Most being toy and vintage models. I blame a photo by Keith Carter titled “Radio Flyer” for getting me involved in toy cameras. I loved the blurred look of Keith’s photo and asked a photographer friend of mine how he thought the shot was made. He wasn’t quite sure, but he said a Holga could give similar results. A quick Google search landed me at toycamera.com and soon after, I purchased my very first Holga 120S camera. Its been a love affair ever since. My blog address is http://cgmoyer.blogspot.com/ and I can be found on Facebook and Twitter.

Thanks Diane, love the Holgaville project,”


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About twenty years ago I bought a Holga camera and put it away in the deepest, darkest recesses of my closet. With the exception of a couple of photo experiments gone
awry, it pretty much remained unused.
One day, about a year and a half back, I took the camera out of my closet and took it with me while I was walking my dog in the woods. I wish I could say that
I had a revelation, or that there was a Holga epiphany of sorts, but no such apocryphal event occurred. I just took the camera with me and that Holga and subsequent Holgas have remained with me ever since. During that brief time I have shot several hundred of rolls of film.

My name is Jim Rohan and I live much of the year in the northern suburbs of Boston, Massachusetts with my wife and dog.
I spend the remainder of the year living with said wife and dog in the beautiful Canadian province of Prince Edward Island.
I make my self-employed but semi-retired livelihood these days in the digital imaging biz.
I have worked in the photo industry as a commercial photographer and photo lab owner as well during the past thirty or so years.

Cheers everyone.

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I am on a little bit of a crusade, I want people to learn to do photography using traditional techniques because only then will they really understand what photography is about.

These days too much of the work is done by the camera, it will decide the aperture, the speed, the film speed, the focus, the colour and it will allow you to choose the focal length so you don’t have to move. A whole generation of photographers have no real understanding of the possibilities presented by making these choices yourself.

I write a blog about photography, minutefilm.blogspot.com in which I expand on these themes.

I have come to Holgas only recently, I have worked for the last 22 years for Hasselblad but had become disillusioned with the lack of photography in relation to the amount of technology. Photography should be about the pictures and about getting the best results from the available equipment and materials. I don’t have anything against digital but I really don’t want my camera to make all the decisions for me. What I have tried to do with my Holgas is to see what can be done, to push the boundaries as far as possible, playing to the strengths of the camera.

I sell Holga and Zero Image cameras, Polaroid and Impossible Project Film and other film materials in the UK through my website: http://www.minutefilm.co.uk.

I also write about my personal views on photography on my blog: http://minutefilm.blogspot.com.

All of the images are as shot, they have had only “darkroom” stuff done to them in Photoshop, tweaking of colour and contrast, sharpening for screen use and spotting.

Copyright all images Ben Boswell 2010

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Carson Beach – lifeguard stand in the off-season.

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